Hot Coffee in Six Degrees

I never thought I’d find myself shivering from head to toe while being bathed in lots of sunshine at the same time, just threw on an oversized shrug and some embellished flip-flops earlier this morning because it looked lovely outside my window but what greeted me instead was a six-degree windchill. Goodness.

But I’m now safe, warm and sound in the library (I still can’t get over how gorgeous it is!) after my 9am Evidence lecture in New King’s, supping on a hot hazelnut latte at the high-ceilinged cafe and relishing the heat which seeps through my fingers every time I hold the cup tightly in my hands, before I head up to one of the seven floors to rewrite my lecture notes and read up on some marketing, now a self-proclaimed side degree among others because I’ve developed such an interest in it lately.

On another note, my week’s been pretty good so far, I’ve been a campaign officer – discovered that I actually like campaigning and should’ve done it in college when I had the chance to but oh, wells – for the past couple of days, had a massive pizza night in Butchart, and I’ll be meeting AUDS on King’s Lawn after.

Despite all that has happened in the past few weeks, I’m still in a very good place, and I absolutely love it here. It’s a wonderful day to be on campus, windchill or no windchill, people strolling about with books and cups of coffee in hand – makes me wonder what they’re up to, the lives they lead. Just that night I was having Starbucks with my flatmate in Union Square, people-watching, and she told me how much she actually enjoyed doing it. She could simply sit there for hours on end, watching them pass by while she had her regular (good) coffee fix. That’s what I like about Europeans, they stop to indulge, both in their senses and in the simple things in life. We should definitely learn a thing or two (or three) from them.


PS. RIP, Steve Jobs. I never used Apple products much, but you were a visionary.