Nippon Connections Halloween Party

..hence the geisha-inspired look! Bits from the night,

Fusion, of sorts. Black-clad ninjas wielding gleaming katanas succumbing to the pull of modern technology by leaping up on bar counters and whipping out their digital cameras to take snapshots of the party people, a seemingly infinite plethora of cold sushi served delicately on polished silver platters to tickle everyone’s tastebuds, (washed down with) deliciously chilled Sake-based cocktails shaken with Western names like Baileys and Malibu, Halloween costumes and cosplayers out and about, sipping from their martini glasses and partaking in all forms of camaraderie imaginable, all in the midst of burnished gold goblets, fine cotton cobwebs and crunchy papier-mâché bats. This probably goes without saying, but still, I had an absolutely amazing time.

So this is how Tokyo celebrates Halloween, ey? Or so I’d like to think anyway. I’ve already made plans with Maritxu to return to Konnichi for more of their cocktails!