I Wanna Do It Like You Like

Opportunity does not knock on your door, you have to bang on the door yourself and keep knocking until you get in. Another falsehood is that some obstacles are insurmountable. With the right attitude, application – and of course a bit of luck – anything is possible.

Most of the great achievements of mankind have started life as conundrums and been turned into triumphs by creative, determined people. These people do not just overcome obstacles, they don’t see them. They see the potential in every person and every situation. Once you start looking for opportunities, it’s amazing how many you find.

Richard Branson; Don’t See Obstacles, See Opportunities

Suffice to say, I’ve had my fair share of missed opportunities. They appear before my very eyes, like glimmering orbs just waiting to blossom into striking beacons. Only a fool (or someone with exceptional reason) would decline to seize it and yet, I choose to let them pass me by, mostly out of fear – of the unknown and of being inadequate. A bit of time passes, and then I start to wonder why I allowed such chances of greatness to slip out from my grasp when they were so deliciously within reach earlier before. And with that, another opportunity bites the dust. Much to my utter disappointment, of course.

That, was how I used to be. I’ve learnt (and am still learning) to grab opportunities by the throat, no matter how frightening and discomforting they may initially seem. Most of the time, I get pulled out – not so gently at times – of my comfort zone and thrown into the wild to fend for myself, sans any form of security whatsoever. But it’s times like these when I find myself experiencing the most fulfilling growth, and flourishing to become an even stronger person following said experience. And then, contrary to those missed opportunities, these seized ones become the best decisions I can possibly make for myself.

So go, get out there and live – a whole damn lot. This beautiful world isn’t just for merely existing in, it’s for living in – fully, wholly, entirely. Carpe f*cking diem, baby.

And to wrap it up, a little preview from the weekend’s shoot,