Brunch with the Dolls @ The Red Beanbag

A meal typically eaten late in the morning as a combination of a late breakfast and an early lunch.

Because we do so love our brunches. Especially in cosy, contemporary, loft-like places this side of town. Australian-inspired and Malaysian-made, The Red Beanbag overlooks the sprawling, sunshine-bathed piazza at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. And that’s three Specialty Baked Eggs for us, please. Which was absolutely delicious, by the way.

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Because this happens to be the only vertical take.

We tucked into good food, supped on steaming hot cups of coffee, checked Boy Brunch (what we called the big group of young guns wolfing down their late breakfast at the next table) out, talked about the past, present and future, strengthened years and years of friendship, and took pictures with almost every generation of cameras imaginable (DSLR, Polaroid, iPhone, etc.). Oh, brunch.

Go forth, summon. It works.