Dirty Bass | Shoot with Felina Hung

The final of the three looks we did for the rooftop/car park shoot last month, inspired by the campaigns and lookbooks of Wildfox, Planet Blue, Brashy Couture, MinkPink, and the like – which I’ve a completely ridiculous obsession for, so you can definitely count on seeing many more of these. Young, wild, untamed; coming out to roam and play at the darkest hours in the middle of the night.

Technicalities? Flash. Lots of flash. Favourite takes!

Photography by Felina Hung
Make-up and styling by yours truly

Endless Nights top and necklace c/o H&M, unbranded python-print bodycon skirt, cut-out heels c/o New Look, spiked hoops and spiked bangles c/o Freedom at Topshop, cut-out cuff and chain bracelet c/o Forever 21, snake ring c/o Diva.

Enjoy your night, wild childs and young hearts (because ‘wild children’ just doesn’t cut it).