Hi, stranger. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?

As per usual, a lot has happened since I last wrote, pre-SHM madness. And I’m not particularly one for setting resolutions per se, but I’ve definitely got to do something about this consistency issue with regard to my writing this year. Master it. Make it my forte. Actually make it happen – follow through, and make it a habit thereon, at all costs. Because I do indeed love writing – I find myself writing at regular intervals throughout the day, bits and pieces here and there, but I tend to stray from the commitment this space tends to bring along with it.

I’ve been travelling a fair bit lately (my then cataclysmic wanderlust has finally been sated – for the time being) and all thoughts, notions, ideas, and the like have been stored in my iPad, which is now overflowing with drafts to the extent of which it’s technologically plausible. Compiling the incoming ideas which come speeding in at hundreds of miles per hour – seemingly – is child’s play when put up against actually structuring them into a post. It’s an entirely different matter altogether, a labour of love which takes a number of hours to concoct, and quality is key – heaven (or in this case, I – yes, I’d like to think I’m heaven) forbid half-hearted, second-rate work in these parts.

Believe me, I do enjoy being out and about – very much so, in fact – but I can hardly get any proper writing done when I do, which leads me to another thing I want to achieve this year – balance. A fine, world-class balance. And in more aspects than one at that. Juggling all of my interests (and I do have a whole lot, mind you) at once is in no way an easy feat, which thus leads me to my next crucial goal for the year – sorting out my priorities. Plenty of highlights on this one.

So, three things to keep in check this year: consistency, balance, priorities. And encompassing all that, focus. For now.

Just a few days back, it dawned on me – I’ll be turning twenty-two this year, in about two months, to be exact. Sacré bleu. Fine, it’s still what most would consider youth, but personally, I feel as if I’m running out of time. Coming to terms with being twenty-one still has yet to hit me squarely in the face, and I’m going to be turning a year older before I can even fully register it.

Every day, I’m learning and discovering more and more about myself and the world around me. Yes, I’ve come a long way, and I’ve learnt and grown a lot, in so many different ways, more than I could ever possibly imagine, but I want to learn even more, grow even more. I want to go even further. It’s somewhat synonymous to an insatiable thirst, but it’s one which makes me fulfilled to the very core.

2013, or as I’d like to call it, MMXIII, shall be about evolution, and not revolution. Because I now know who I am and who I want to become (well, more so anyway), who I can become – my potential, my possibilities, my frontiers, my horizons. All without limitations, no holds barred. I’m clearer on what I want to achieve, the things I’d like to pursue, the people I want to surround myself with, the lifestyle I’m aiming for, the level I want to play on, the level I want to be on, et cetera.

And this year, I want to live and enjoy fearlessly, to release and unleash my innermost wants from their constraining shackles, those very wants which I’ve been incessantly holding back due to the fear of condescension, and of what others might think. But in the end, what worth did it bring? Nothing but a sense of asphyxiation, of being stifled. So, free reign, yet another goal for the year – no more of keeping myself under wraps. Let’s make it four then.

Wrapping it up, it’s all about gradual evolution, into an even better individual in all aspects. 2012/MMXII was beyond brilliant – it was in many ways a catalyst of sorts, for many, many reasons, and I’ve nothing but love and gratitude for it all. The choices I’ve made, the roads I’ve taken, the journeys I’ve embarked on. It was all brilliant, and completely and utterly worth it. That being said, 2013 will be even better. As it always is, year after year.

So as per usual, to new beginnings. To what’s to come, and to what the year brings – it’s going to be extraordinary. The unknown now excites me to no end. Fear can go and kiss my derriere. So go, pop a bottle. It’s going to be an ace year.

Damn straight, pardon the language.