200 km/h


We slip the key into the ignition, lighting it up like a gas burner to a match, revving the engine and listening to it purr; click the locks, locking it down, because we’re on the prowl and out to hunt tonight – releasing and unleashing our inner animals out into the wilderness, far, far away from our safety nets. We don’t stay put in places of comfort. Instead, we venture, hitting the gas and zipping past the city lights, leaving them as nothing but a wonderful blur of colour around us, burning asphalt as we zoom ahead in hot pursuit, chasing our wildest goals and dreams while all that’s left behind can choose to bite the dust. In spite of all the dazzling indistinction around us, our vision remains crystal clear, a driven focus on what’s to come, because we’ve determined our destination.

Riding in the fast lane. Living, as we do.

There’s no such rush like this, like the one I experience when I’m with you, when we’re tearing it up, pushing past the limits we hit. There’s always a little danger in our ride, a little uncertainty, but therein lies its thrill, the spice of excitement and the rush of adrenaline. Au contraire, even with our proclivity to speed, we know when to shift the gears and take it down a notch, cruising into a smooth spin. We take turns behind the wheel, steering to suit – accelerating when we want to, slowing down when we choose to, all the while paying close attention to ensure brilliant handling and a stellar performance at every turn.

And that’s what I love about us. We can be anything, and everything we choose to be.

Bonnie and Clyde, version 2013

Because baby, we don’t do it like anyone else.

Something to start 2013 off with – my very first shoot for the year, with my man by my side.


PS. 200 km/h is the title of a short piece I wrote some time ago, a number of years back. It’s ultimately a vision, and this is just a tiny bit of it.