Calling (Lose My Mind)

Can we freeze karma and surrender our rights and wrongs
Can we just for a night let the stars decide where we belong

The first line slips in ever so seductively and I am at once completely entranced; under its spell, under your spell. I am taken, and I feel myself succumbing to the beautiful depths of your world, my world, our world. It is when I open up and unfold my wings, to everything – to the possibilities, and to the wondrous experiences life has to offer – like a butterfly emerging magnificently out of the limited confines of the cocoon. A sort of metamorphosis, if you may.

Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away
That won’t change

I wonder at how we essentially are together. Natural. Effortless. My arms around your neck, yours around my waist; like two snakes entwined in each other’s coils. Your forehead pressed to mine, the tips of our noses touching, our lips just mere centimetres apart. I see the light in your eyes, and the world we have created. Merged. You disarm me with that look, the look which always says so much with so little. I am paralysed for a split second, before melting into you, moulding into you like liquid gold.

Together we vow that our colours will sparkle the faith

It is like slow dancing in a burning room.

And I will find you
I will find you
I will reach you
Or I, I, I will lose my mind

We move in unison, like yin and yang. Your hands run through my hair and down my face, cupping my cheeks and tilting my chin up to look into your eyes, radiantly sparkling with thoughts unsaid. You sing the words to me, the piercing look never leaving your eyes, and I am enchanted once again. Amidst all that is happening around us – champagne bottles popping, celebratory foam spraying, sparklers lighting up the room in tandem while camaraderie flourishes at its peak – you mouth the very words I love to hear. And time stops.

Lose my mind
Lose my mind
Lose my mind

You place a tender kiss on my forehead before pulling me closer to you and I breathe you in, the faint scent of your cologne still lingering on your warm skin. We continue swaying and I lose myself in you, in us. But yet, there is clarity; crystal-clear and sharply defined, defying all uncertainty. And I know, that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here.

Tu es magnifique, je t’aime.