Can We Just for a Night Let the Stars Decide Where We Belong

Early morning, Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso featuring Ryan Tedder – Calling (Lose My Mind) on replay this time around. I’m supping on hot Chinese tea (I’m so Asian) whilst checking my e-mails and looking to Robin Sharma – the man’s beyond incredible – for inspiration on my last day at work before indulging in the delicious, delicious pleasure of having an entire week off. Mm.

Digressing, I’ve set another goal to focus on this year: fitness. To tone up even more, and get to excellent health. I actually made plans with the beau to keep each other accountable and in check even through an LDR, many hats off to technology and the iPhone (a beautiful bouquet of blooms for you this CNY, Steve Jobs). There’s just so much more drive when you’ve a – as Robin Sharma puts it – partner for success, where you constantly encourage and inspire one another. Not only when it comes to physical fitness, but in every other aspect as well. After all, two pillars of strength are better than one. And I’m aiming to build a Greek temple.

And of course, to always, always, always get stronger within. A given, goes without saying.

Thank you (once again), The Quote Factory.

So go, walk with the lions. Or even better, be a lion. Or even better yet, be whatever invincible creature you can possibly think of. Majestic, magnificent, and downright powerful, with the strength to move the world – because you’ll then move mountains along with it.

Chinese zodiac-wise, I’m a sheep – but I’m not going to let that stop me in any way. I just happen to like sheepskin. Like that luxurious IKEA sheepskin rug I’ve been eyeing for years, except I don’t actually support the act of buying real fur or skin. Faux is the way to go, darling. Although, I do take the time to enjoy admiring works of art if they’re out there, real fur or skin included. Either way, the beau calls me an evolved sheep. I’m still not entirely sure what he means by that, but I’m taking it as a good thing (glass half-full all the way, yes).

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately, and I do indeed find it all a tad overwhelming at times – time unquestionably passes by so quickly like an Aventador speeding on an empty freeway. So I’m taking this second (or the next few seconds, more like) to stop and take a breather. To breathe in, and appreciate, just how wonderfully sublime life and the world is.

Paris, March 2010

Duty calls, time to get to work.