International Valentine

Happy Valentine’s, beautiful world. Today is a day to love – yourself, as well as others – regardless of your relationship status. Live, and love. ♥

It’s officially our very first Valentine’s together this year, as a couple. Last year’s was considered an unofficial one, but then again, official, unofficial – they’re all just semantics in the end. We’ve never actually spent Valentine’s together – physically or geographically – as of yet as we were based in different cities in the UK last year, and this year, different countries in Asia. It’s by no means any less special though. Love knows no distance, and no boundaries. Making it work, damn straight.

Last year’s felt like it was only yesterday. Our love was still young, and our relationship – even as good friends for five whole years – was just budding and reigniting. But my closest friends up north had described a certain glow I had about me at the time, and a certain look I possessed in my eyes. I still recall being at the AUDS Valentine’s social in Orchid, a swanky bar in the heart of the city, sipping on a specially-concocted Valentine’s cocktail and enjoying the company of the people I love most in the Silver City, when I received a text, down south from the borders of London. On the very same night, back in the warm and toasty confines of my room, I received a video and a handwritten message, as sweet as honey. I lit up, and the rest as they say, is history.

This year, I received another heartfelt video. Still as sweet as honey. It came all the way from Beijing this time around, with the very same heartwarming smile I’ve grown to love so much. And I lit up the very same way, with the very same blush. I can still hardly believe how far we’ve come, baby.

Penang, January 2013

I love our little surprises, but most of all, I love you. Can’t wait for you to get your ass back home.