I’ll Love You ‘Til I Make You Pop

Beautiful morning, ladies and gents. A quick update,

Listening to Justin Timberlake – Strawberry Bubblegum, from The 20/20 Experience. I’m a little hooked on it, admittedly. Especially the outro. Door closed, lights dimmed. If you’ll be my strawberry bubblegum, I’ll be your blueberry lollipop. Well, the other way, in this case.

Reading Forbes, one of my regular morning reads. An article on leadership this time around. And from it, I quote: The modern Renaissance man (or woman) is one who understands how to learn. Very well said indeed.

Drinking my morning coffee. Black, and steaming hot. And yes, a little sweet. Nothing like its warmth on an early, early morning. It was especially delightful when I was living in the UK, on those cold winter mornings with heavily-frosted windows. That being said, I do enjoy Malaysia’s perpetual equatorial summer at times, but I do miss the lower temperatures. Along with my trusty black trench coat and knee-high boots.

Savouring each and every second. And embracing everything that is possible. C’est la vie.

From the birthday weekend,

I’m twenty-two. Damn. And still enjoying #TheSiameseConcept, evidently.

I’ll (finally) be editing the pictures over the week – and weekend – so expect some proper updates very soon!

Stay engaged, twenty-first century darlings.