Wrapping Up My Twenty-Secondth: Marini’s on 57 with My Dolls

Pardon my timeline. I turned twenty-two (or twenty-one for the second time) about a week and a half ago, and I wrapped the indulgent weekend up with no one other than my dolls, sky-high at fifty-seven floors above ground level and overlooking the sprawling KL cityscape while enjoying pre-dinner drinks and watching the sun set over the capital at Marini’s on 57, savouring the breathtaking skyline just before dusk made its appearance.

Boasting stunning, unparalleled views and a luxurious, contemporary ambience, Marini’s on 57 holds a strict dress code they can afford to exercise, which I took advantage of – along with the birthday girl-request card, demanding the girls to doll up for me that night. Not that they’d do otherwise, regardless. So with towering heels on, we nipped up to the ear-popping fifty-seventh floor of Tower 3, for (not so) quiet drinks at the cigar and single malt lounge of Marini’s.

Credits to Marini’s on 57

And yes, I continuously played the birthday-girl card throughout the entire evening. Because I can.

‘The birthday girl demands a picture.’
‘The birthday girl demands to sit over there.’
‘The birthday girl demands another picture.’
‘The birthday girl demands another picture over there.’
‘You’re so demanding.’
‘I’ve the right to be, today.’

It’s strictly a once-a-year thing, so I definitely ensured I made full use of it. Oh, I love you girls to the ends of the Earth.

All looking positively calm and collected, contrary to how we actually were that night. As per usual. Because we simply don’t do quiet. Because as ladylike as we might seem to portray ourselves to be – in pictures, we hardly are, if not never. I shall thus refrain from commenting further, or disclosing any other details on this for the sake of our reputations. We’ve to maintain our statuses as reputable, refined young women, yes? Yes. Well, perhaps.

And as usual, we spent the first hour and a half solely taking pictures. It’s practically a norm for us. We took such a colossal number of pictures that the staff actually came up to us and remarked, ‘Whoa, like photo shoot only!’ in true Malaysian fashion. Fingers crossed to them still liking us after all this, because we’ve taken quite a fancy to the grandiose place. I bet they were amused – and thoroughly entertained – though. They probably even had an earful of our private conversations, which I’m guessing, are not so private anymore. Le sigh.

Just before leaving, we retired from the old-world charm of the lounge and sauntered over to the much more futuristic, avant-garde bar to take in the imposing twin skyscrapers KL is renowned for, in their full, close-up glory,

Credits to Marini’s on 57

Another highlight from the night was while we were in Christina’s car, en route to dinner after, when we arrived upon a very significant revelation. Almost a decade ago, we were picturing this very day back in high school – where we’d be driving around KL together, post-university and independent – and said revelation made us even louder and more excited than we initially were at Marini’s, if that was even possible. Thank heavens for the enclosed confines of the car.

It’s been a good nine years, and counting. We’ve come a very long way, ladies. Here’s to nine more, planning each other’s hen nights and weddings, and nine thereafter.

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And my dolls: @ilielfeera, @christinaaah, and @nictpj.

And that, was the perfect end to the birthday weekend. Irreplaceable quality time with irreplaceable girlfriends. I love being twenty-two. Or twenty-one for the second time running.



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