Listening to Jazzamor —— Fly Me to the Moon. I love listening to bossa nova, lounge, and jazz in the morning (or late in the night) to start the day off (—— to end). There’s just something so sumptuously chilled about such languorous music in the early, early hours of the day, and I always find myself so much more collected throughout the rest of it.

Straying just a bit, it’s finally Friday (unquestionably my favourite day of the week, and most probably every other person’s, post-5pm). The long week is conclusively coming to an end and I’m wrapping it up with my much-missed ritual —— supping my morning coffee. I haven’t had it in quite a while as I’ve been too preoccupied with catching up on my beauty sleep instead, slipping an additional hour or so in every morning when I can. Needless to say, the coffee tastes like heaven.

I’m reminded of early Saturday mornings, where I’ll be lounging in the hall, sipping on hot coffee and completely immersing myself in a good read. Spending the very first two hours of my day doing just that before I go about my plans for the weekend —— absolute bliss. I think mornings are by far one of the best things in life, and I adore taking in the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of a fresh, new day. A friend of mine I met last week shared with me his favourite times of the day —— early mornings, and late nights. When it is quietest, most peaceful, and most serene, just before the hustle and bustle of the day starts. I couldn’t agree more.

Aside from what I mentioned above, these are the things I love waking up to, derived from the simplest but most delightful of pleasures,

(Some of the) Things That Make My Morning

Coffee. As aforementioned, but it’s something I’d like to place plenty of emphasis on. To breathe in the crisp morning air combined with the delicious aroma of warm, roasted coffee. Rapturous. Just the smell of it alone (like freshly-grounded heaven) is enough to wake me up and alert my senses. And even better if it comes with brunch, or a hearty breakfast. Brunch, with my favourite people, sharing good company and conversations over good food and good coffee in cosy, comforting spaces —— definitely one of the very best things in life. As they say, a cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.
—— Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

Orchids. Or any other exotic flora in all of its strange and beautiful glory. Preferably orchids though, as I hold some sort of attachment to them —— possibly due to my Thai/Siamese roots. They’re a beautiful sight to wake up to, and they remind me of tropical cocktails and island holidays, mm. My future maison will definitely be accented with these beauties.

Warm morning baths. Flower petals optional, but preferred. And most definitely scented, with vanilla or jasmine or ylang-ylang, perhaps. There’s absolutely nothing like a warm bath (or a hot shower, but nothing beats a nice soak) to rouse you and start your day off. Maybe coffee, but this is an entirely different thing altogether. Or better yet, both. And following it, to lather yourself in soft, peach-scented body butter. Or mango. Or vanilla. Anything decadent will do.

A lover. It’s a given. To stir awake in your loved one’s arms, the two of you bathed in the delicate morning light, legs and limbs sublimely entwined and tangled up in between the sheets. To hear his or her steady breathing, and voice thick with sleep and content. A delicious cuddle, a soft kiss, no walls, no barriers. All guards down. To be able to share such a beautifully intimate experience with another person —— that special someone, is a wonderful thing.

And it may be a little NSFW/NSFC, but I found this so raw, and so beautiful,

Morning Sex

Unlike the frantic performance sex that descends after a night on the town, morning sex is deliciously unpretentious, relaxing, and slow. With the dust of sleep still in your eyes, an arching back, and a contented and effortless giggle, you toy with your lover. Gathering him or her in, as your ankles and buttocks writhe together under the sheets. Producing a grin on your lover’s face before the new light of day has even touched his or her eyes.

Afterward you join the sun of a Saturday morning with a tranquil, satisfied relish. A tray of toasted muffins appears along with a pot of coffee. If there’s a more perfect way to start the day, I haven’t discovered it yet.

—— The Book of Idle Pleasures, Tom Hodgkinson and Dan Kieran

Coffee and love do indeed, taste best when hot.

And inspiration. Which of course, goes without saying. To be in love with your life, every detail of it. Thank you, Jack Kerouac. I’m off to savour the rest of my coffee, enjoy your morning, all.

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