Jewel in the Desert

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Throughout the week, I’ve been helping a close friend and loved one through a very tough time, and I saw just how easy it was to be completely enveloped in and focused on the adversity instead of embracing the possibilities and the potential beauty which lies in them. It further reinforces my thoughts on vulnerability and being open to it, especially if you’re a woman (even more so if you’re an Alpha female). Either way, a few things I’d like to share,

i. Enjoy the journey. I see a lot of individuals going around, saying they’re searching for happiness. I’ve been there. Happiness isn’t something you look for and happen to stumble upon one fine day if you’re lucky. And neither is happiness something that comes ever so conveniently with materialism. A monogram-imprinted Louis Vuitton Lumineuse in Infini might satisfy you for a while, but you’ll find yourself wanting more where that came from when the novelty eventually starts to wear off. Happiness comes from within yourself, and nowhere else. This depends on what your definition of searching is though, such as if you’re actually searching within yourself, or the equivalent. Enjoy the journey, because most of the time, the vovage will be much more satisfying than the arrival. But by all means, do enjoy the Louis Vuitton too while you’re at it —— no one said you couldn’t.

ii. Live as though it’s your last day. Very clichéd, but very true. Carpe diem. Seize it by the throat if you have to. We’re fortunate enough to be alive at this very instant, but we tend to take it for granted all the time without being aware of it. And at the same time, always look forward to something, be it big or small, because it gives us rigour, and excitement.

iii. Learn from your mistakes. But never regret. Because you wouldn’t be the person you are today if it weren’t for those experiences. And the time and effort you put into regretting things you’ve already done can be put to so much better use —— exploring, learning, growing. You deserve that much. As a matter of fact, it’s the least you could do for yourself.

From last weekend’s,

And on a very ecstatic note, the beau is finally arriving later this evening! It’s times like this that makes long-distance relationships so incredibly worth fighting for. Excited, is an understatement —— I can hardly sit still. Wrapping it up, my doll just turned twenty-two today!

These past nine years, I’ve seen you grow and blossom from a curious, leisurely adolescent into a beautiful, independent woman with a strong moral compass, and I’m immensely proud to see you come this far after all these years of knowing you, and being there with you amidst the ups and downs. Here’s to the future and what’s to come, from being at the pinnacle of our respective careers, to exploring Versailles and eating macarons in Paris, to attending London Fashion Week in Burberry trenches and sky-high Louboutins.

A beautiful twenty-secondth birthday, best friend. I love you long time!