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I’ve always adored Atelier Versace pieces, but this particular masterpiece from their Fall 2009 collection struck me —— hard,

Picture credits to Pinterest and their respective sources

Where avant-garde architecture meets high-end couture —— a brilliant, contemporary work of art. Beautifully subtle, not overdone, crafted just right. I think I’m in love.

A lot has happened over the weekend —— let’s just say it was an experience —— and I’ve still yet to write about it (somewhat), but the biggest highlight has definitely got to be the beau’s highly-anticipated arrival back in Malaysia, followed by a number of double dates, dinners, good food and films.

He’s now back in the island of Penang —— his hometown —— for the week to spend quality time with his family and friends before he returns to KL at the end of the week for an additional week here. Given the nature of long-distance relationships, whenever he’s not physically with me —— be it in Lincoln/the UK, Beijing/China, or Penang/Malaysia —— it feels more or less synonymous, regardless of whether we’re seven thousand miles apart or a mere two hundred. Time difference is a completely different (and much trickier) story though.

As he’ll be returning to KL later on, he has left a couple of things in my room this time around —— a few of his shirts which smell so wonderfully of him, and his briefcase, all of which give such a warm sense of comfort because I then know he’s nearby, albeit in a different city and state. It’s simple, uncomplicated things like this, that makes a long-distance relationship so distinct from non-long-distance ones, and quite charming at that.

A bit of inspiration for the week,

Simplify. Consume less. Live more. Live healthy. Eat right, exercise, and don’t do stupid things. Without health, you have nothing. Pursue excellence. Improve yourself a little every day. You are what you repeatedly do. Challenge yourself. Temporary setbacks now, are much better than lifelong regrets. Cultivate relationships. People are everything. Give more than you take and respect differences. Experience the world. Life is short. There is a big world out there to explore. Contribute. Billions of people still live on less than $2 per day. You are one of the lucky ones, so share that good fortune.

—— The JetSetCitizen Manifesto, John Bardos

And wrapping it up with a picture I love (from the weekend),

Luna Bar, July 2013

He’s finally back!



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