Lights Down Low, Amidst This Black and Gold

Grand Hyatt, July 2013

Good morning, KL. Rise and shine.

It’s been divine, an absolutely wonderful week far beyond comparison to any other. This past week was just what I needed —— for my aspirations and ambitions, my overall well-being, and my relationship —— and it reminded me and highlighted the crucial importance of gratitude and truly seizing the day and living life, especially with all this beauty around us, so rich and abundant in all its glory and resplendence.

Needless to say, a whole lot has happened (even more so as compared to the previous post), but I now have ample time on my hands to sort everything out and get it all in order. The beau has returned to Beijing for business —— and some pleasure (bless the man for enjoying every single aspect of his existence, it’s one of the many things I love about him) —— and like all of our times of being physically together, the ending is bittersweet. Even more so this time around, as it’s going to be a long haul —— I’ll probably only see him in about four to six months or more. While we might not know what the future holds (to an extent), we do know that we believe in each other, and in us.

The good side of things is that we can now go back to focusing on our respective careers and endeavours, being productive and achieving what we’ve set out to achieve, but at the same time, making time for each other over social media and countless virtual dates. It’s charming in its own special way, and it’s an experience I’d love to savour while we still have it, in spite of all the hardship long-distance relationships tend to face.

It’s been an incredible week of seemingly timeless leisure with the beau and other close friends, but it’s now time to get back to business and work. As he said, it was just what we needed to give us that new drive to push forward even more now. That’s why I believe in constant or regular time-offs where you completely indulge and lose yourself in —— to recharge, refuel, and recollect. He inspires me, and I, him. That’s how we work, and I believe, how we thrive.

So since I’m back in the game, I’ll be focusing on reconnecting with the world and its affairs and writing once again, amongst other things. And the morning coffee still (smells and) tastes as heavenly as ever.

I’ve also been indulging in Robin Thicke’s new Blurred Lines album (which I’m absolutely digging) —— two songs I found perfect for this morning,

And of course,


Before I wrap things up, I’d like to share something I find very important, yet very easily taken for granted: Genuine, unconditional love, always prevails. Always. And this applies everywhere. Another one of my close friends is currently going through a very hard time right now, and ultimately, I just want to see the people I love and care about happy.

Lights down low, amidst this black and gold,

The Butter Factory, July 2013

I’m going to miss you terribly. But here’s to greater heights, and an even more compelling future. Until the next time, loverboy. It’s been amazing.