Love, Laughter, and Euphoric Kisses

For a splendid start, I love that it’s a three-day week (and four-day weekend!) this week —— you know it’s definitely something worth noting when the weekend is set to last longer than the actual working week itself, a minty-fresh rarity we don’t get to enjoy very often. I can almost taste the leisure, if not already. Divine.

Continuing said splendidness, I’ve finally started going through the massive accumulation of pictures taken over the past three weeks and I’m now getting around to editing them bit by bit since the flurry of activity has calmed down quite a bit. For now. It’ll certainly take some time to complete them all, but at least they’ll be worth the effort —— it’s something no iPhone can ultimately live up to, although the myriad of post-processing applications out there pack a fair punch and can actually do it some justice.

Double dates and night romps were aplenty during the fortnight, including a significantly experiential frolic in Luna Bar —— still one of my very favourite places in the city —— after a hearty Italian dinner with Ee Von and Andrew three weekends ago (yet another reminder of how fleeting time is). That, was an experience. I’ll just leave it at that.

Our anthem for the night —— which wasn’t very far from the truth, to be honest,

With one of my very best girls —— love you to absolute bits, babydoll.

And of course, my favourite man and person. What makes the distance so completely worth it.

They say, spend more money on experiences and less on material things. I couldn’t agree more. The night was full of love, laughter, and euphoric kisses. Pure, unadulterated happiness to the point of delirium —— such good feelings you never want to let go of. Amidst bottles of Absolut and Black Label, needless to say. It was an ace night though, without a doubt.

Our co-nightlife/party/bottle-popping couple (and much better-quality pictures!),

A few more drinks, and kisses were everywhere!

Every day, people fall into the category of living just an ordinary, average life instead of being as happy as they can possibly be, where every day, they have this new momentum, this new energy, this new life, with someone that drives them wild. People fall into comfortable, because they don’t do what it takes to get ahead and they don’t take the risks. We have the opportunity where we get to be in a place where we can make a decision and change things, and we get to take things to a whole new level. Whatever you have to do, to be in that category of people who are going to live life at that extraordinary level, do it.

—— Matthew Hussey

Live every minute. Bisous!