Life is a gem and if you polish it enough you will see.
Richard Branson

I’m drawn to the unique and the beautiful, slices of exquisiteness which tickle my fancy and align with my personal, sometimes unconventional perception of objets d’art. Or masterpieces, as they say. Especially so if they possess unusual artistries, like a carefully crafted pair of spiked Louboutins, preferably the Asteroids or Kryptonites.

Call it superficiality, but I’ve a very strong penchant for the aesthetics this world has to offer. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes? It’s highly individualistic. What one perceives to be beautiful might not necessarily be synonymous to others. And heaven knows, I find many, many things – of different forms, classes, levels – beautiful. Surface is after all, evidently, only skin deep.

I got this crystal-clear, sharply cut quartz reminiscent of resplendent fantasy worlds and avant-garde Chanel runways while on the hunt for a souvenir at the Christmas fair in Edinburgh, on a lightly frosted morning in early winter when the snow had yet to arrive. I shared a delightful conversation with the man tending to the stall, who told me stories about this beauty and how it came all the way from the Himalayan mountains with completely no evidence of jet lag in its lustre or brilliance whatsoever. Now that’s a crystal.

Suited, given that it’s now almost the deep of winter and quartz comes from krustallos, which means ice in Greek, originally thought to be ice formed by the gods. Exquisitus, non?

Here’s hoping I don’t start collecting maniacal amounts of crystals copious enough to turn my boudoir into a den fit for a mythological creature. The Greeks would be proud though. And probably Lady Gaga, mother of all contemporary monsters. However, if it does come down to that, can I please be a Siren? Or Hesiod’s Harpy. Or (a hot) Medusa. Yes.

The crystalline runway of the Chanel Fall/Winter 2012 show fulfilling Karl Lagerfeld’s geological inspirations.

Also, a closing statement. After a relatively long hiatus, I’m back. Loaded.