So I thought I’d give the #whatsinmybag – or in this case, clutch – post a go since I love taking pictures of (carefully curated and arranged to make it look somewhat incidental and not at all deliberate) things in various placements and vignettes. Furthermore, I’ve decided to categorise such posts by season (or by occasion should any arise) mainly because I can then showcase different pairings and variations even though Malaysia experiences summer 24/7/365. This, along with the blog as a whole, can also be another avenue for myself to keep track of and see how much I’ve changed and grown over time, as you can tell a lot about someone, particularly a woman, just from what she carries in her bag or clutch. Or so they say.

I’ve always loved seeing #whatsinmybag posts – I think they’re very personal, and provide you with some, if not a lot of insight into someone’s lifestyle and the little things they adore, and sometimes even their experiences. So here’s a bit of insight into mine,

– well, for summer anyway. (In no particular order) Pedro clutch, River Island wallet, GUESS watch, which I received as a birthday gift last year – I love the snake detail on the dial, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S charger – I always have to bring it with me wherever I go as my phone runs out of battery fairly quickly since I tend to use it too much, Apple earphones, Versace Yellow Diamond EDT and its accompanying body lotion, H&M aviators, Topshop hoops, H&M skinny bangles and shard ring, Sephora compact foundation, H&M bronzing powder and brush, Victoria’s Secret kabuki brush, MAC lipsticks in Kinda Sexy and Sandy B, MAC tinted lipglasses in Lust and Prrr. Not pictured are my car and house keys.

The clutch is a testament to my love for black and gold, which to me is one of the (if not the) most classic – as well as classiest – colour combinations, along with white and gold. Or rose gold for that matter. I’ve been really into using clutches instead of bags lately, particularly for summer (which is still somewhat irrelevant in a geographical context) unless I need my DSLR or iPad or planner.

As for the wallet, I’ve had it for quite a few years now and it has been my trusty companion the world over – it has held UK rail tickets, my Oyster card, my university ID and society cards, loyalty cards of stores and places I love and enjoy going to, hotel room keycards from the cities I’ve visited, receipts from all the places I’ve been to, from the pâtisseries and galleries in Europe to the rooftop bars and international chain stores in London and Asia. It has also kept beautiful pictures of the places and people I love, handwritten notes, and jewels I’ve found along the way. It’s very rich in that sense. And of course, the perennial cash and credit/debit/ATM cards.

The big bottle of Versace Yellow Diamond is solely for display purposes as I usually leave it at home after putting it on and take the miniature one with me instead should I need to freshen up. I love fruity and white-floral scents, citrus if it’s in the summer. Yellow Diamond is sparkling, fresh, and vibrant, not too heavy – just my cup of tea (or bottle of perfume) on most days.

I usually carry one lipstick and lipgloss with me, but I do bring two of each at times if I’m out for an entire day or have two different types of occasions to attend. And I tend to stick to neutral shades for a natural, effortless look unless I’m feeling bold for a night out, in which I’ll opt for a dark red instead. Otherwise I love playing around with nude colours and variations, from hues in honey and peach and champagne to finishes in matte and pearl and frost.

And to top it all off, a good read of course, which I absolutely always have to have with me at any particular point in time. I tend to leave the book in the car though unless it can fit into my bag as well. This particular book is Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff, a beautiful account of a powerful, magnificent woman steeped deep in history. I love reading about the different eras and the significant people who represented and shaped those years – I find them incredibly fascinating and that a whole lot of inspiration can be drawn from such times and people.

So there you go! It’s a lot less than what I’d actually put in my bag(s), but it’ll suffice for now.

Enjoy your Sunday in the meantime, loves. Bisous!