Why can’t it be like before? Please don’t go. Stay with me tonight. Let me borrow you.
// Friday nights at the office.

Finally, some time to write. A sliver of time/heaven highly cherished considering how my schedule is like these days —— I can hardly catch my breath amidst all this (exhilarating, I’ll admit) hustle and bustle. It’s been slightly over three weeks since I started my new job, and suffice to say, it’s been quite a ride so far. A good one by all means, and with an excellent learning curve at that. I’ve still yet to become accustomed to this fast-paced line of work though, but I can safely say my third week has gone much smoother than the first, time management and priority setting-wise. I’m starting to get the hang of it all, thank goodness, and I’m also very thankful for the support I’ve been constantly given. Only three weeks or so in and I’ve gone for a number of very interesting meetings, handled and contributed to a successful event, and got to know the company and its vision —— which I’ve always found compelling —— even more, not to mention the industry itself. Oh, and attended my very first work dinner involving practically an unlimited flow of champagne (almost).

The last I wrote felt like such a long time ago, months even, judging by the number of things I’ve gone through and experienced, but it was merely a good (and busy) three weeks ago. The very first month of the new year is coming to a close, and it does indeed, seem to have passed quite quickly, contrary to my former statement. Ah, the complexities of life, of which I shall not question —— for now —— but of whose beautiful, inexplicable depths I shall just enjoy and immerse myself in.

On to more clarity, I’m incredibly glad for the direction and drive I now possess, as compared to the unsettling turbulence I’ve faced in recent times, au contraire. It’s so utterly refreshing. Speaking of which, as I’ve a much clearer and more vivid picture in front of me these days, I’m gradually aiming to merge my work and career with my personal life. Yes, there has to be a line drawn to establish distinction to a certain extent, but personally, I see my work and my personal life as extensions of myself and who I am, unabashedly so, and one should never stray too far from that, and authenticity. I see these aspects complementing each other, but of course, it’s also about sorting out your priorities and making time for all of them, accordingly as how you see fit. It’s about learning to juggle these respective aspects and responsibilities and knowing when those lines can cross and when they must be separate. It’s a tricky, meticulous task, and it differs from person to person, but I believe it’ll ultimately be very, very rewarding.

Nights-in are made of these, mm. There’s absolutely nothing I find more sumptuously luxurious than lathering myself up with deliciously scented body lotion/butter post-shower and curling up with a good read or film late into the night. I’ve learnt to treasure my nights-in even more so these days, mostly to catch up on my beauty sleep. Lazy —— but still somewhat productive, to a certain extent and in a different context —— sexy downtime. Sheer bliss. Very rarely does anything ever top that, even a full night’s very indulgent stay in a five-star, world-class suite —— although that’s highly debatable, of course. And to wrap it up (for now),

From the first weekend, pre-Zouk. Of which I’ve still yet to upload pictures from. So much to do, so little time —— holds true, clichéd as it is. But who am I to say, when both Barack Obama and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter have the exact same amount of time in a day/week/month/year? Time to get my bum moving.

Full speed ahead, s’il vous plaît. Greatness awaits. And as they say, time waits for no man. Or woman for that matter.