Post-work, writing from Dome, listening to this,

I’ve been thinking if I should keep this blog for more eventful happenings, and leave the relatively frequent —— I’m actively working on this —— updating to microblogging on the likes of Twitter and Instagram, which are so much easier and quicker. Wham, bam, Instagram!

Then again, doing so will simply defeat the purpose of why I started blogging years and years ago (although I admittedly had a lot of difficulty keeping to a single blog back then and in turn, had several, until recently, of course —— big props to trusty in the very first place —— to keep track of the things I get up to, and to be able to look back at it years and years in the future as a reminder of younger times. Also because I tend to have too many thoughts in my head and desperately need to let them out somewhere, although what’s written or featured in this space hardly makes up a quarter of it all (the beau gets the load of it, most of the time). And it’s a brilliant place for me to train my writing skills. Either way, it needs a bit more of a structure.

Last Thursday night’s, while waiting for my two knights to pick me up for some good Japanese food, post-work.

I’ve been working on a very detailed to-do list, officially commencing this Friday (only a day and a half away!) —— preferably to be completed at beautiful, suitable venues —— when my schedule frees up significantly, one of them being the organisation of my entire online presence, covering everything from social media to writing spaces to the display of my work, personal or otherwise, along with my e-mails, which seem to be all over the place at this point in time due to my biting off (hopefully not) more than I can chew. Seemingly negligible a number of years ago, practically of utmost importance now.

More wham, bam, Instagram(s?) from the weekend,

‘Tis the season —— the red cups are back! As highlighted in my previous post. A hot cup of peppermint mocha, topped with whipped cream and candy cane sprinkles. Commercial? Very. Festive? Definitely. Taken on Friday night, quasi-date night with the beau —— a hearty dinner, hot coffee, and a good film. We wanted to follow it up with a second, post-midnight one, but decided against it in the end as we wanted to keep it for the following day.

Tea with Giuseppe. Well, close enough.

A little bit of M.A.C, a little bit of bijoux, and a Dulcet Rose mocktail —— a refreshing concoction of lychee juice and TWG’s Bain de Roses tea. I finally bought my very, very first lipstick, a nude number aptly named Kinda Sexy. I hardly wear lipstick, to be honest, and rarely apply any sort of lip make-up whatsoever on my twin bows (even gloss is considered quite a rarity) as I couldn’t be bothered to reapply it after every single meal or drink, unless it’s an occasion which calls for it. I find it too much of a hassle, day to day-wise, and am quite lucky to be blessed with slightly darker than average lips. But here’s to baby steps.

Saturday consisted of two films, selecting my first ever lipstick at M.A.C, conversations over tea, and a delicious dinner of hot and rather authentic Japanese ramen. I’m in love with the Shio (salt-based) ones, though Shoyu (soy sauce-based) and Miso (soybean paste-based) are close seconds.

Cold brew, hot press. My first experience with Whisk’s cold-brew coffee, accompanied by a copy of British Vogue on Sunday night.

This was from a while back, at Flat White, just a road off college, where I caught up with an old —— but gold —— friend. We used to explore the coffee shops of London together, back in university, and we’re now continuing it here. Oh, how I’ve missed her. Photographed is a Nutella cappuccino (which was delicious) and an actual flat white. I also recommend the curried egg panini, though not photographed.

And I just noticed that fifty percent of the pictures above are of coffee, eighty if you’re considering caffeine. Interesting. I’m off to drink my cappuccino, taa.